How The Alexander Technique Can Help You

The Alexander Technique helps with many health issues. These include back pain, shoulder & neck pain, migraine, RSI, pregnancy discomfort, breathing difficulties such as asthma, and rehabilitation after illness, surgery or injury.

Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is one of the main reasons people come to the technique. A major study by the British Medical Journal (2008) demonstrated that Alexander Technique lessons offered significant long-term benefit for lower back pain.

Manage Stress

As your posture changes you learn to breath more effectively and this helps reduce anxiety. It can help you be less reactive in the way you think and to be more measured in your response to others. Think of it as ‘mindfulness for the body’.

Improve Posture
Improve Posture & Movement

Improve your posture, balance and co-ordination. This can alter your body language so that you appear and feel more confident and at ease. Greater balance and poise can also help you prepare for your older age, keeping you mobile for longer.

Improve Performance
Raising Performance

Many sports people, actors, and musicians use the technique. By becoming more aware of what you do with your body you can make subtle changes which make significant differences to your performance.

How Does The Alexander Technique Work?

The way we sit, stand and move affects how we feel.  We may spend hours everyday slumped at a desk or at the wheel of a car – often unaware of the strain we are putting on ourselves. But over time such poor habits can drain our energy and lead to injury and pain – which is when we start to notice.

The Alexander Technique is beautifully simple. It helps us learn to let go of needless muscular tension and to move in a more natural way – offering us relief from aches and pains and feelings of stress. We are then able to enjoy a greater sense of freedom of movement, and the confidence that brings.

How does it work? A video from Science Animated

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